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Sample Wedding Album Design

With the spring wedding season over I have been busy editing images and designing wedding albums.  Designing the wedding album is perhaps one of my favorite parts of my job.  It the current digital age, the hundreds of images that you receive from your wedding will most likely end up on a hard drive somewhere or on a CD rack, with few images actually being printed out.  Your wedding album on the other hand is different.  It doesn’t require a computer to open the files or paper in the printer to print it out.  It is a physical object that is always there and ready to remind you of your wedding day.

Here are a few of my favorites pages from Kelly and Nate’s wedding album.

Wedding Album: Jasen+Lisa

I am so excited to share Jasen and Lisa’s wedding album.  I just love all of the colors, details and the gorgeous sky!

Here are a couple of my favorite layouts, but be sure to view their entire album here (Jasen is a Cold Play fan so turn up your speakers!).

If you need a little refresher on albums check out my Albums FAQ post here.

Paul & Sue’s Album

Paul and Sue’s album is complete and I wanted to share a couple of my favorite layouts below.

You can view the full album here (FYI-there is music so turn your speakers up/down).

Sue’s father was a total hit on the dance floor!

Not to be outdone, Paul had some dance moves of his own.

Paul and Sue thank you so much for allowing me to capture your special day. I wish you all of the happiness in the world in your life together.

Kamanu & Chrichelle’s Album

Kamanu & Chrichell’s album is complete! Below are a couple of my favorite pages from the album, but you can click here to view the entire album (FYI-there is music to this album, so turn your speakers up/down!).

Friends and family can click here to view all of the images from the wedding (you will need the password from the bride or groom).

Stephanie & Kevin’s Wedding Album

I am so excited to post Stephanie and Kevin’s wedding album. I have done tons of albums in the past (I actually do wedding album designs for several other photographers), but this is the first that I have show cased here.

From now on all of my albums will be posted here!

There is music to this so turn your speaks up (or down if you are in the office!) and click on the play button.

Click here to view the show.