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Glendale Portrait Photographer: Sarah’s Maternity Session

You might remember Sarah and Demar from their engagement pictures here and their wedding pictures here.  They were married this last March and Sarah mentioned that she might be interested in doing a boudoir session.  A few months after Sarah’s wedding she let me know that she would be switching her next session from boudoir to maternity!  I couldn’t be happier for these two and it was great to see Sarah and Demar both again!

It’s easy to see that these two are still so in love and going to make GREAT parents!

They are expecting a little girl…any day now.  As I read Sarah’s Facebook updates I was worried that I wouldn’t get her maternity pictures posted before the baby arrived!

We wanted to take a few pictures outside to capture some of the sunset.  I asked Demar to stand in as I set-up my lighting.  This turned into a mini-session which had me cracking up!  He is going to be such a fun dad!

The actual shot I was setting up for.

And a few more favorites!

Sarah and Demar it was great seeing you again and I can’t wait to meet the newest addition to your family!

Scottsdale Portrait Photographer: Gus’s One Year Pictures

Meet Gus! He is the son of my younger step-sister and as my older half-sister stated…”He is just so cute I could eat him up!”. Yes, we have a full family tree and yes, Gus is just that cute!

I met up with Gus and Michelle a couple of weeks ago to mark his first birthday. The picture below was one of the first pictures I took. After this shutter click the next hour consisted of running, chasing, making funny noises and anything I could think of to keep up with Gus!

We found a nice chair for Gus to sit on and the wiggle worn went to work!

At one, having to stop and let mom tie your shoes is a perfectly good reason for a melt down…

With shoes tied the tears magically disappeared!

We took a little walk and Gus led the way.

This might be my favorite from the day!

Family Portraits: Hines Family

Meet the super cute Hines Family!

The Hines family was referred to me by Lisa, a former bride. I love client referrals. It’s like being trusted into their network of family and friends and makes for an instant connection. Speaking of connection, how could you not connect with these cute little faces!

The Hines family wanted a large group picture, but also some pictures of the individual families. This is such a great idea since everyone is all dressed and ready to go anyways!

So…I kind of snapped into engagement session mode here. Couldn’t help it! They are just so cute!

With large groups I am always drawn to the unique relationships within the family. I know that I am there to capture a large family photo, but I can’t help but also seek out the these special bonds within. Here we had a little “girl” time.

While I was taking this picture of the girls cute striped tights-

I think someone was getting bribed with Tic Tacs behind me:)

A few more of my favorites.

Thank you so much to the entire Hines Family! You were all so sweet and such fun to be around!