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Phoenix Engagement Photographer: David+Megan

I met up with David and Megan early in the morning last Friday to shoot their engagement session.  We met at 7:30am to ensure that we would have the area to ourselves and to capture the best lighting.  I usually don’t shoot engagement sessions in the morning, so I was nervous what the vibe would be like when I had deprived my clients of sleeping in.  We bonded instantly over loathing getting up early and our mutual agreement that lip gloss is a necessity.

David has a quiet calm about him, but when he looks at Megan you can see the strong exterior melt like butter.  Megan is lighthearted and laughs easily, which instantly makes you want to be around her more.

Here are a few of my favorite images from our early morning session.

David and Megan could make each other laugh one minute….

And the next minute they were working some smoldering hotness…

Megan recently e-mailed me and said that her and David both hate the way they look in pictures, so neither of them were looking forward to the engagement or wedding pictures. Ummm…if this is looking bad then sign me up!

Not to be out done…David knew how to work his inner GQ look too.

Megan brought her Modern Bride magazine, so we had a little fun with David.

With a quick outfit change we headed to the second location. I love these next few images.

I had a Rachael Zoe moment and went ba-nan-as for these next few images. So hot!!

David and Megan I had so much fun with you two. Thank you for being such awesome people and getting up super early for this session! Can’t wait to see you in December for the wedding!

Arizona Engagement Photographer: Sarah and Richard

Planning an engagement session in 100 degree heat is always risky, but from the moment I walked up to Sarah and Richard I knew that they were going to have fun no matter what the temperature gauge reads.  They both have an infectious laugh and are so at ease with each other that there is no doubt their love is real.

They have been together for three years and in November will be getting married at Arrowhead Country Club.  Here are a few of my favorite images from their engagement session yesterday.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

Tempe Engagement photographer: Brandon+Samantha

Meet Brandon and Samantha!

Brandon and Samantha are getting married in November of this year, but we wanted to get their engagement pictures done before it was 115 degrees outside!  I first met Samantha at the Wedding Warehouse where we talked about all things wedding related including photography.  We connected instantly and I was so excited when she let me know that she wanted me to photograph her wedding.  It’s pretty typical that the first time I meet the perspective groom is at the engagement session, so this was my first time meeting Brandon.  Instantly I knew that Brandon and Samantha have a sweet and loving connection together.  Throughout our entire session they walked with ease holding hands, smiling and cuddling with each other.  This not only makes my job so much easier, but it also warms my heart to see couples so completely happy just to be in the company of the other.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the their engagement session.

They did a quick outfit change and for some reason I really wanted to take a picture in front of this bathroom!

LOVE this next image!

I love when couples get so comfortable infront of the camera that they forget that I am even there. I think Brandon was getting a little playful and forgot I was shooting!

Rrrrrrrr…you are gorgeous Samantha!

I think Brandon agrees!

I love the next few shots.  They totally remind me of some romantic little beach setting under the piers.

Seriously Samantha…you make it look too easy!

One final outfit change for some fun and quirky pictures!

These two have some mad jumping skills-I’m totally jealous!

Brandon and Samantha I can’t wait to shoot your wedding this November!

Glendale Engagement Session: Nate+Kelly

Meet Nate and Kelly!

For most engagement sessions it is my first time meeting the groom, but in Nate and Kelly’s case this was my first time meeting the bride and groom! Both live out-of-state and Kelly’s mom was actually the one that met with and hired me! After meeting Kelly’s mom and send e-mails back and forth with Kelly is was great to actually meet my clients!

We met a few days before Christmas while they were briefly in-town. For a couple that are planning a wedding out-of-state and throw in the holidays just a few days away they both were amazingly calm. Here are a few of my favorite images from the day.

I love the variety of pictures from the corn fields above to the row of trees below with their beautiful fall/winter colors.

Nate and Kelly it was great to finally meet you and I am looking forward to your wedding in May!

Phoenix Engagement Session: Philip+Danelle

Meet Philip and Danelle!

I met Philip and Danelle several months ago at a Starbucks.  They were very nice and very thorough in their questions about hiring a wedding photographer.  At the end of the meeting they thanked me and said they had other photographers to interview and would be in touch. I assumed that I didn’t get the job.  To my happy surprise, several weeks later they e-mailed to say that they picked me!  Meeting perspective clients to document the most important day of their life is like hoping to be asked out for prom when you have already bought the dress!!

Philip and Danelle picked Papago Park for their engagement session.  This was the first time I shot here and I love the all of the images that we were able to capture.

We had lots of desert photo opportunities, but some of my favorite images were these few that we took in the parking lot.

After thoroughly exploring the parking lot we ventured over to the nearby fishing lake.

When I asked Danelle to sit on Philip’s lap they both almost ended up in the water!  Thankful they stayed dry and I kept shooting to capture these images.

It was getting close to sunset, so we were on the move to get  into position.  As we were walking along the park’s inner streets I snapped these shots.

A few more favorites before sunset.

If you follow my blog at all you might notice a pattern.   I LOVE sunset shots.   I am fascinated with the challenge of capturing the perfect sunset picture and all of the different options.  Sometimes the lighting and location is just perfect for silhouettes and sometimes it’s perfect for bright vivid shots like these.

Philip and Danelle I had a blast getting to know you and shooting your engagement session. You both are two of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with and I am so excited to photograph your wedding!