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Gilbert Engagement Photographer: {Chris + Briana}

Meet Chris and Briana.  They were married this last October.  Although I wasn’t able to photograph their wedding since I had just had Andrew I thought I would share some of my favorite images from their engagement session.

I couldn’t get enough of Briana’s awesome shoes.  When I first met with Briana her hair was dyed pink.  When she showed up to the engagement session with brown hair I was a little relieved.  When I saw her brightly colored shoes I was even more relieved that she was still rocking things in her own style!


I don’t know why, but when I ask couples to kiss they always laugh…I think it’s a good sign!

I had Briana sit in this chair and I told Chris to s-l-o-w-l-y get up and kiss her and cuddle a little.  It’s kind of the same technique I talked about in this post for photographers.

More kissing and laughing.

When I asked Chris how excited he was when it came to wedding planning this was his reaction.  100% genuine excitement I’m sure!


Glendale Engagement Photographer: Sean + Kate

Meet Sean and Kate!

You will be seeing a lot of them.  I just shot their engagement session and I am shooting their wedding tomorrow at the Wigwam!

Kate contacted me several months ago after a fellow teacher recommended me.  Her co-worker is also a photographer and contacted me for a few tips.  Fast forward thru becoming Facebook friends and whalla…a new client referral from someone I’ve never even met face-to-face.  Aww…the power of Facebook!

Sean and Kate were so much fun to hang out with.  We discovered that Kate and I have a similar sense of humor and that Sean is a kindred spirit to my husband, but more on that later!

I told Sean to whisper something sassy in Kate’s ear.  I love her reaction!

I mentioned that Sean is a kindred spirit to my husband.  They both share a passion for let’s just say “conservative fiscal spending”.

Turning the heater on in the dead of winter is considered utter defeat, coupons are like Willy Wanka’s golden ticket and haircuts are $10 or less.  I might be exaggerating a little tiny bit, but Kate and I thought it was hilarious and laughed all the way thru their session!

Sean was such a good sport!

They really are so cute together!

Sean and Kate I can’t wait to see you both tomorrow for your big day!

Scottsdale Engagement Photographer: Chris + Katy

Meet Chris and Katy!

I am especially excited to photograph Chris and Katy because they are not only a sweet and fun couple…they are family!  Chris is my husband’s nephew and they are getting married at the same location my husband and I were married.

Chris and Katy are both finishing medical school this year and waiting to find out where they will be completing their residency.  Fingers crossed they will be staying here in Arizona!

Here are a few of my favorites from our session!

I love these two images. They are so comfortable and easy going with each other.

Both doctors, both cute, both blue eyed…seriously, could they have anything more going for them!

A quick change of clothes and few more shots!

One more favorite!

Chris and Katy I am so excited that you picked me to shoot your wedding and I can’t wait for the big day!!

Scottsdale Engagement Photographer: Jon+Kendra

Meet Jon and Kendra!

These two love birds are good friends of my younger step-sister Michelle (you might remember my last session with her here).  Jon and Kendra contacted me right before Christmas and share the exciting news that they were engaged!  Unfortunately, I am not available to shoot their wedding, but we decided to get together and take their engagement pictures anyways.

Kendra is incredibly sweet and Jon is incredibly funny! He tried is hand a juggling oranges, but I’m not sure that is his calling!

We met at one of my favorite locations.  I have shot here many times.  Somehow when I set-up this shot I always forget to mention that the gate Kendra is about to lean on isn’t very steady.  Which resulted in this image!

Love this picture!!

Here are a few more favorites from our session.

Jon decided to do a little wardrobe change towards the end of our session.  Did I mention that he is a total kid at heart?

We eventually made our way to the playground and I absolutely love these images!!

Jon and Kendra it was a blast hanging out with you!  Congrats on your engagement!

Scottsdale Engagement Photographer: Matt + Stephanie

Meet Matt and Stephanie!!  They are one of the many fabulous couples that I will be photographing this Fall at Arrowhead Country Club.

This was another early morning photo shoot.  We quickly decided that Matt is a morning person and Stephanie and I…well, let’s just say we both were looking forward to some coffee!!  I am happy to report that Stephanie and I both were able to put our game face on and get some great shots!!

With a quick outfit change (and everyone now fully awake!) we headed back out for a few more pictures.

Mmmm…loving these next two!!

One more favorite!!