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Glendale, AZ Wedding Photographer: Richard+Sarah

Meet two of the happiest people ever to be married-Richard and Sarah!

Richard and Sarah are one of my many couples getting married this fall at Arrowhead Country Club.  Arrowhead has put together an amazing all inclusive package that includes the beautiful venue, one of my favorite DJs, a coordinator to help plan all of the details and of course me to photograph your entire event!  Keep reading so see who all of these amazing vendors are and some of their work!

Richard and Sarah decided to do a first look and I’m so glad they did.  Sarah was a stunning bride and Richard didn’t look too bad himself!

Thanks to Elizabeth, my second shooter, for these images!

The many faces of Sarah and Richard…there is hardly a serious moment when you are around these two. They are so much fun!!

Richard and Sarah have a one year one daughter named Presley. I think this picture is adorable where they are making the same face trying to get Presley to smile!

I am loving these ceremony details. A big shout out to Regina with Meant2be Events and Dawn with Arrowhead Country Club for putting this all together.

Presley stole the show as she walked down the aisle.

After the ceremony the lighting outside was what I call yuummmyness.

I told Richard it was his job to make Sarah laugh. Mission accomplished!

A few details of the reception…love!

The bridal party made quite the entrance. Thanks to Elizabeth for capturing these dance moves in action!

The first dance and more reception fun.

Richard and Sarah I wish you and your beautiful little girl Presley all of the best and I am so happy to have been part of your wedding day!

A big thank you all of the vendors that made this event incredible!!

Venue: Arrowhead Country Club

Coordinator: Meant2be Events

DJ: Oscar with Got You Covered

Photographer: Suzanne Melissa Photography

Scottsdale Wedding Photographer: Brandon + Samantha

It’s official…Brandon and Samantha a married and this was one of my favorite weddings E-V-E-R!! The details, the colors, the fun…it was all great, but it’s not why I loved this wedding so much. The overwhelming love and joy that surrounded Brandon and Samantha on their wedding is why I loved this wedding so much!

While Brandon and his groomsmen were getting ready Samantha’s dad hung with the guys the entire time. At one point during the reception Brandon’s mom, Mrs. Salch, gathered Brandon’s grandmother, sister-in-law, herself and Samantha to celebrate Samantha becoming a Salch wife. This wedding was truly a celebration of two families coming together.

PS-this is a very long post…might want to get a glass of wine!

We started the day in my favorite way. With Badgley Miscka shoes! The bridesmaids wore the green shoes and Samantha wore the Badgley Miska.

Samantha was so stunning and such a natural in front of the camera I was in heaven photographing her!


While I was with the girls Elizabeth, my second shooter, was with the guys. They were quite relaxed!

Brandon and Samantha decided to do a first look and Samantha was filled with excitement, while I think Brandon was a little nervous to break with tradition to not see each other before the ceremony. He quickly warmed up to the idea.

Love this shot that Elizabeth got it!

A quick shot of the entire bridal party!

Thee Wedding Wharehouse did a fantastic job with all of the flowers and ceremony details!

Each groomsmen high fived Brandon as they came down the aisle. This continued throughout the night!

Married (do you think Sam is excited?)!!

More gorgeous details at the reception…love it!

I love this idea that Samantha had for favors for her guests. She bought flip flops for the guests to wear at the reception. Green for the ladies and black for the men. No surprise, almost all of the green flip flops were gone ASAP.

I’m not sure what this dance move is called? Do you think they choreographed ahead of time??

Work it out ladies!!

Just a few more favorites!

Brandon and Samantha I wish you all of the best and loved meeting your families!!

Four Seasons Resort, Arizona Wedding Photography: Shawn + Gina

Meet Shawn and Gina…and prepare yourself for a very long blog post!

I met Gina over a year ago when she booked me to shoot her wedding.  We e-mailed back and forth for months as the wedding date and venue changed.  She always seemed so relaxed.

I had never met Shawn until the wedding day.  I knew right away he was kind with a good sense of humor, and also very relaxed.

Later it struck me that Shawn and Gina weren’t so much “relaxed” as they were sure.  They both had this underlying warmth that they were marrying a wonderful person who they loved very much and nothing else mattered.  This was easy to see and even easier to photograph.

The day started at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale and some gorgeous Badgley Miscka shoes (luuuuuurve!).

Gina’s mom and bride’s maids helped her get ready.

Shawn and Gina decided to have a first look which allowed us to capture tons of beautiful pictures.  I had such a hard time narrowing them all down!

My view of the first look.

Elizabeth’s view (my fabulous second shooter).

The Four Season’s has the most amazing lighting outside…

AND inside!  Check out this beautiful window lighting.

The ceremony was outdoors and a gathering of close family and friends.  Gina’s father walked her down the aisle.

My view…

And Elizabeth’s view.

Shawn and Gina doing this after the ceremony…

Caused everyone else to do this..

Their reception at Four Season’s was an outdoor lunch.  Although it was quite warm temperature wise, the details and food were just gorgeous!

Shawn and Gina spent most of the party mingling with the guest.  Again, at such ease and so relaxed.

Shawn and Gina thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your day.  I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in Hawaii!!

Gilbert Wedding Photographer: Chris+Becky

Her bright smile.  His piercing eyes.  Both a little quiet and shy upon first meeting them.  Their friends and family say they knew right away this relationship was different…this relationship would be “the one”.  Becky and Chris were married this last weekend and celebrated with friends and family.  Becky was stunning, quiet and calm.  Chris was excited and nervous (the good kind of nervous!).  The entire day was perfect.

The day started with the girls getting ready.  Becky’s dress was beautiful and she looked beautiful in it!

This next image seems symbolic to me. Like as Becky walked down these stairs she was transitioning from one stage of her life to the next.

We headed outside for a few more portraits.

Not to be outdone, the guys knew how to work it for the camera!

Becky’s parents walked her down the aisle.  Her mom was very emotional and I love how Chris hugged her as she gave Becky away.  As if to assure her that he would take good care of her daughter.

A few more favorites from the ceremony.

My favorite part of the day…bride and groom portraits!

I love this next image of Chris fixing the bow on Becky’s dress.

I had a little fun playing around with the post processing of this image.

The reception and some of my favorite details.

A second shooter in training below! Special thanks to my real second shooter Elizabeth.

Becky and Chris thank you so much for including me in your wedding day!

second shooting

This past weekend I had the opportunity to cross off a goal from my 31 in 301-second shoot for a photographer I have never worked with.  I was actually the third shooter for One Fine Day, but close enough!

Second shooting is often how photographers get their start into the wedding photography business.  This is definitely how I started.  I was pretty lucky that I found success early on and was able to book several weddings on my own.  This was great for my business, but I missed out on the opportunity to learn and grow by watching and working with other photographers.

What I found while shooting at the wedding this weekend is that second/third shooting now is totally different then when I was a  newbie.  As a newbie you are so excited to have a real live bride and groom in front of your lens that you fire off pictures at a rapid pace like a crazed paparazzi on the red carpet.  Now, I’m still just as excited to have a bride and groom in front of me, but I am more patient and know how to anticipate the moments that I want to capture.

Perhaps what I realized most is the beauty in looking at things from a different angle.  As a second/third photographer you are always told to take a different angle or perspective then the lead photographer.  There is no value to the client to have a second photographer that just stands behind the lead and takes the same picture.  The challenge is as a new photographer, you think you only want the shot that the lead photographer is taking.  If they would just move out of your way you could capture that perfect portfolio picture that will launch your career.  You spend all day thinking moooooooooove so I can get the shot!

Knowing the my own wedding season will be kicking off in just a few weeks and that I would have plenty of opportunities to be the lead photographer, I was much more selective and thoughtful in the pictures I took.  I took the time to look for the best light, the best angle, the best way to frame the subject.  I realized that I captured pictures that I would have never taken had I been the lead photographer.  This gave me an entirely new perspective for when I am the lead photographer.  I am so glad that I had this opportunity and I think it will service my future clients quite well!

That was an incredibly long intro…so let’s get to the pictures!  The wedding took place Sassi in Scottsdale.

The bride was my kind of girl. Always asking for her lip gloss to be touched up…I love my lip gloss too!

The bride was obviously stunning, but the groom wasn’t too bad either. Soooo GQ here.

Did I mention that the bride was stunning?

Perhaps my favorite pictures from the day!