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2017 Holiday Sessions

Although I don’t have the time to shoot weddings anymore I do love the opportunity to work with families this time of year.  I believe everyone should have a nice family picture at least once a year…and we all need a new Facebook profile picture right!

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Here are the details on the sessions I will be offering.  Sessions will be 25 minutes for up to 5 people.  If you have more than 5 people in your group please book back-t0-back sessions.  The session fee is $175 and includes the session and 20-25 edited images.  Payment is required to reserve your date.


October 21
3:00 pm
3:35 pm
4:10 pm
4:40 pm
5:15 pm

November 18
3:00 pm
3:35 pm
4:10 pm
4:40 pm

Once you have reserved your date I will email information on the locations and tips to help make the most of your pictures without stressing out!


Tricia and Josh {Gilbert Wedding Photographer}

I met Tricia and Josh for coffee and we talked for over an hour about their wedding plans.  Not just location, colors and logistics, but Tricia’s desires, wishes and vision she had for her wedding and wedding photography.  Tricia had already emailed me and said that she had read my entire bio section and that we had a lot in common…I knew right away I wanted to photograph her wedding.

We recently shot their engagement session and I adore their ease with each other and how Josh’s calm demeanor is the perfect balance to Tricia’s brimming excitement for life.  See for yourself.

Dustin and Stacey {Gilbert Engagement Photography}

Meet Dustin and Stacy.  One super-duper, DIY couple who also happen to be my neighbors!!

I met Dustin and Stacey almost three years ago when we both moved into our new homes in Gilbert.  Over the last couple of years I have watched Stacey mow Dustin’s lawn a countless number of times and seen first hand numerous friends and family stop by to help them work on the never ending project…the backyard deck.  When they shared the news that Dustin had proposed I could not have been happier to know that Stacey could finally stop mowing the lawn would be a permanent neighbor.

It only seemed fitting to start their engagement session at their home away from home…Home Depot.

Next we moved the shoot outside to soak up some of the golden hour.


We had to include Rocky their adorable chocolate lab.  Rocky was a model of good dog behavior…most of the time!


We took advantage of every last bit of daylight for this session, but ventured out one more time.  Dustin specifically wanted to take pictures at a location he had seen while out riding his motorcycle.  On day two of shooting I had completely lost my voice (good news for my husband…right!).  I am SO grateful for my fellow photog Liz who agreed to get a last minute babysitter and join me for the second part of the session.   These next two images are from Liz.

While Liz was capturing the images above I had this adorable view.

We had a little fun with this “Wedding Parking Only” sign that we came across.

Oh…shut.the.front.door!!!  They are just TOO cute!!

Becca + Peter {Tucson Engagement Session}


Meet Becca and Peter..a cute couple from Tucson!!

Becca and Peter are getting married in late September here in Phoenix, but since they currently live in Tucson we decided to meet at UofA to shoot their engagement session.  Since Becca had booked me over the phone this was my first time meeting both her and Peter and I totally lucked out.  These two were SO easy going, fun and completely enjoyable to hang out with.

We discovered early in the session that Peter is a blinker…you know, as soon as the shutter clicks he blinks!  There’s usually one in every couple.  Peter was such a good sport as Becca and I joked continuously about this throughout the entire session.

Here are my favorite images (blinks included!).

Shooting on campus always has some surprises.  About 100 yards from where we were shooting there was an outdoor music festival.  Live performers and all…minus any actual attendees!  A rap du0 hit the stage and kept shouting, “Hands in the air!!”.  There was NO ONE within 200 yards of the stage…they were singing to themselves!!  As I told Becca and Peter to walk towards me for this next series of shots I also encouraged them to get their inner hip-hop dance on.

As we started to leave campus Becca bolted to this newspaper stand and grabbed a copy.  Turns out she likes to complete the crossword puzzle while on break at work.  Since she had to work the night shift that night (she’s a nurse) Becca was pretty stoked that she had a new crossword puzzle.

I thought it would be fun to take a few pictures in this local candy shop…who doesn’t LOVE candy right?  Answer…Peter.  We moved on after a few shots!

The lighting at this outdoor cafe was soft and beautiful.  A perfect place to end a fun engagement session!

Carnival Themed Birthday Party


Hot dogs, cotton candy, donkey rides, face painting…best birthday party ever!  Oh and cake too!  Check out this birthday party planned by Emily with Your Heart’s Desire.

Note to self-start planning Andrew’s 1st birthday ASAP!

I haven’t eaten Pixie Tix since I was in junior high and would buy them from the ice cream truck as I rode my bike home.  Hey, at least I was burning calories as I was eating pure sugar right?

The birthday boy himself!

What’s a party without hot dogs right?  I’ve seen these little veggie cups all over Pinterest…such a great idea for parties!