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Project Organize: The Junk Drawer

As part of my Project Organize Life I recently decided to tackle my “junk drawer”.  We all have them, but when it became difficult to open and close mine I decided it was time to take action.

Here’s a before and after:

I started by emptying the entire contents of the drawer onto the counter top.

I have this drawer organizer that I was not fully utilizing…mostly because once the drawer started to get unorganized I gave-up and just shoved items in the drawer without looking!

Okay-so once everything was on display I broke everything into groups:

1: Paper work that needed to be sorted (I found 2 bills, one wedding invite and a check…yikes!!).

2. Gift cards: Did you know that nearly $8 Billion in gift cards never get used!  I had about $300 just waiting to become part of that $8 Billion.

3. Prenatal Vitamins…umm, I’m not pregnant and most had expired.  Trash.

4. Accessories: Including 10,000 bobby pins…because you never know when a stray hair might need pinning.

I used a binder clip to hold all of the gift cards and put a sticky note on the front to remind me what stores I had gift cards for.  Now when I am getting ready to run errands before I leave I check the list and see if I have any gift cards.

I added a second drawer organizer to keep paperwork/mail that requires an action from me (e.g. bills, wedding invites, thank yous etc).

Here’s the final product:

1. Car keys: I always dump my car keys here otherwise they will be lost.

2. Gum: I actually hardly ever chew gum, but it’s good to have around.

3. Gift cards and extra pair of sunglasses.  I ALWAYS lose my sunglasses and the sun it like kryptonite to my eyes, so extra sunglasses are a must.

4. Band-aids because there is always a blister waiting to happen or just healing when you spend 10 hours on your feet shooting a wedding.

5. Chapstick

6. Cell phone charger

7: Organized location for mail

The before and after one more time because I’m SO happy to have an organized junk drawer!!

It’s Monday and It’s Official…I WORK from home!

I’m sitting on the couch, no shower, no make-up, no hair do done and…wait for it…I’m at THE office!!!  When I quit my day job three months ago I didn’t think it would take this long to actually leave!  So, finally I can say that I am a work from home, stay at home, I LOVE my job mom-tographer!!

I have my coffee, my to do list and a super cheesy smile on my face.  I am SO VERY thankful for a supportive husband that is encouraging and allowing me to move into this next phase of our life!

Project Organize Your LIFE

Thankfully this is the LAST week of me working full-time at my day job.  Praise the LORD!  Moment of deep silence followed by happy dance!

Knowing that this major life change is right around the corner I have been doing a lot of soul searching (okay-part soul and part internet) on what I want my everyday life to be.  I’ve noticed that my home life has become cluttered.  As the clutter grows so does the frustration between my husband and I and it has an inverse affect on my motivation to clean-up the clutter.  I’m beginning to fell like there is SO much to do where do I even start…and so, I never start.

Example: There are a stack of various papers that need to be sorted and filed (taxes, receipts, medical, bills etc).  It’s a small stack and it should only take about 10 minutes to complete this task.  Here is how my mind works though:

I need to sort those papers, they will go in the file cabinet in the office closet, the office closet needs to be cleaned and re-organized, the file cabinet should be painted, maybe coordinated file folders with cute labels, the paint color should match my photography branding since it will be in my office, I’m thinking about re-branding so I can’t pick a paint color yet, we really should have a Legacy File like Dave Ramsey suggests, some of these papers might go into the Legacy File, some might be shredded, I should have a consistent shredding policy (shred receipts after XX years or when we no longer use the item), I’m not going to file this stack of papers right now because I really need to organize-paint-decorate-rebrand and plus I don’t have a shredding policy.

Makes total sense right??????  Obviously NO.

Somewhere thru the grace of Pinterest I found a couple of resources that have given me hope.  The first is this $5 book One Bite at a Time 52 Projects to Make Life Simpler.  How are 52 projects going to make my life simpler?  The projects seem obvious, but it’s like this book has given me permission to conquer projects in small steps (e.g. filing my stack of papers without having to redecorate the office first).  I also love the concept of “Eating your frog”.  Which means do the task that you are most dreading first thing in the morning and the rest of the day will feel so much easier.

Another blog that I just can’t get enough of right now is IHeart Organizing.  This blog is a great inspiration for organizing and decorating in one.

How do you stay organized?  I would love to hear what your “frog” is.

Further proof that I am SO thankful that this is my last week.  Here is what I have to carry in and out of the house every morning/afternoon!  (Picture taken w/my cell phone).


Fit Friday-Volume I

I made a bold move by putting on my 2012 list of goals that I wanted to lose 30 lbs.  Two months into 2012 I haven’t exactly put a dint in this goal.  So, I’ve decided to start Fit Fridays.  Each week I will post my progress and a little bit about the past week that has helped (or hurt) me meet this goal.  I’m hoping that this public display of insanity commitment will keep me focused and motivated throughout the week.

Despite my better judgement I am posting a BEFORE picture (dear lord-please let this be a before picture of loosing 30 lbs and not a before gaining 30 lbs).  Thank you to my fellow photog Liz for taking these pictures!

I have no idea why I’m holding my stomach like I am pregnant, but just to be clear I am NOT pregnant!

Weight loss this week: -2 lbs

Total Weight loss: -2 lbs

Workout: Run/walk 2 miles twice.  Leg and arm workout twice.  Hoping to get more workouts in next week.

I ate this: Salmon patties from Costco, lots of fruit and Healthy Choice Pasta.

I wanted to eat: OMG…anything covered in chocolate and stuffed with peanut butter.  I’m convinced that this combination is like heroine and I’m an addict.

Do you have a fitness goal that you are trying to reach or suggestions to help me meet mine?  Leave a comment below because I promise I need all of the support, funny insights and virtual high fives to keep me from deleting this post:)


Andrew {5 months}

I have been reading fellow photographer, Jenny, give monthly updates on her little girl and every month I told myself I would do the same for Andrew.  Well, finally I am doing it!

This is mostly for me to remember all of the sweet little details of my favorite guy…


  • Eating!  You get VERY excited and start to giggle, squeal and lunge for the bottle.  Dad thinks this is really funny…it makes me a little crazy.
  • Anything you can put in your mouth and usually this is your hands.
  • Doing the naked baby squirm when we change your diaper.  It’s quite funny and you giggle a lot.
  • Nana-she currently watches you two days a week and provides non-stop entertainment…which you LOVE.
  • When I pour water on you while taking a bath.
  • Sleeping with your hands above your head and rubbing your face.  I have to put socks over your hands so you don’t scratch yourself.
  • Giggling, laughing and playing…you are a VERY happy baby and we love it!!


  • Being left alone (or at least when you think you are alone).  If you can’t see mom or dad you have started to get upset.  You also got upset for the first time when Grandpa held you.
  • A wet diaper when riding in the car.  We have had to pull off of I-10 twice to change your diaper on the way back from Tucson.
  • When I have to get the boogies out of your nose.


  • You are almost rolling over from your stomach to your back
  • You have full control of your head…no more bobble head baby!
  • You started eating pureed baby food
  • Multiple trips to Tucson
  • Your first tooth…I think.
  • You now play in the exasaucer

From me:

I can’t believe how much personality you have now.  You are such a HAPPY baby and everyone in the family thinks you are the greatest.  When I am around you I can’t help, but kiss and squeeze your cute little face.  When I am not around you my heart aches to see you.  I can’t wait to see what new things you will be doing each day.