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Carnival Themed Birthday Party


Hot dogs, cotton candy, donkey rides, face painting…best birthday party ever!  Oh and cake too!  Check out this birthday party planned by Emily with Your Heart’s Desire.

Note to self-start planning Andrew’s 1st birthday ASAP!

I haven’t eaten Pixie Tix since I was in junior high and would buy them from the ice cream truck as I rode my bike home.  Hey, at least I was burning calories as I was eating pure sugar right?

The birthday boy himself!

What’s a party without hot dogs right?  I’ve seen these little veggie cups all over Pinterest…such a great idea for parties!

Senior Session

This is Jamie, a high school senior.  I tagged along on this senior session with Marnee Marriott.  I will be second shooting a couple of weddings with Marnee this month, so we used this session as a chance to get to know each other.  Aka-to ensure that neither of us are crazy and that we could spend 8-10 hours at a wedding together!  The good news is I think we are both sane:)

I’ve never shot a senior session, so this was pretty fun!

Jamie was so sweet and soft spoken.  This outfit seemed to totally match her personality of fun and light hearted.

Then there was an outfit change and WOZA!!!  I almost fell over.

Yes, I feel old saying this.  OMG!!!!  My parents would have died if I looked like this in high school.


Jenny + Adrian {Mesa Temple Engagement}

Meet Jenny and Adrian!

Jenny and Adrian are getting married later this year in Utah, but wanted to have a few engagement pictures at the Mormon Temple in Mesa.  It was easy to see from the start of our session that Jenny is completely, 100% head over heels in LOVE with Adrian.  Adrian is a little more quiet and reserved at first, but as we walked around the Temple and chatted it was clear that he was just as smitten with Jenny.

The Temple grounds are SO beautiful.  I loved all of the flower.

Oh Jenny…you are so stinking cute on the inside and out!

Jenny and Adrian it was SO much fun to meet you both and I wish you all the best for your wedding later this year!!

It’s Monday and It’s Official…I WORK from home!

I’m sitting on the couch, no shower, no make-up, no hair do done and…wait for it…I’m at THE office!!!  When I quit my day job three months ago I didn’t think it would take this long to actually leave!  So, finally I can say that I am a work from home, stay at home, I LOVE my job mom-tographer!!

I have my coffee, my to do list and a super cheesy smile on my face.  I am SO VERY thankful for a supportive husband that is encouraging and allowing me to move into this next phase of our life!

Project Organize Your LIFE

Thankfully this is the LAST week of me working full-time at my day job.  Praise the LORD!  Moment of deep silence followed by happy dance!

Knowing that this major life change is right around the corner I have been doing a lot of soul searching (okay-part soul and part internet) on what I want my everyday life to be.  I’ve noticed that my home life has become cluttered.  As the clutter grows so does the frustration between my husband and I and it has an inverse affect on my motivation to clean-up the clutter.  I’m beginning to fell like there is SO much to do where do I even start…and so, I never start.

Example: There are a stack of various papers that need to be sorted and filed (taxes, receipts, medical, bills etc).  It’s a small stack and it should only take about 10 minutes to complete this task.  Here is how my mind works though:

I need to sort those papers, they will go in the file cabinet in the office closet, the office closet needs to be cleaned and re-organized, the file cabinet should be painted, maybe coordinated file folders with cute labels, the paint color should match my photography branding since it will be in my office, I’m thinking about re-branding so I can’t pick a paint color yet, we really should have a Legacy File like Dave Ramsey suggests, some of these papers might go into the Legacy File, some might be shredded, I should have a consistent shredding policy (shred receipts after XX years or when we no longer use the item), I’m not going to file this stack of papers right now because I really need to organize-paint-decorate-rebrand and plus I don’t have a shredding policy.

Makes total sense right??????  Obviously NO.

Somewhere thru the grace of Pinterest I found a couple of resources that have given me hope.  The first is this $5 book One Bite at a Time 52 Projects to Make Life Simpler.  How are 52 projects going to make my life simpler?  The projects seem obvious, but it’s like this book has given me permission to conquer projects in small steps (e.g. filing my stack of papers without having to redecorate the office first).  I also love the concept of “Eating your frog”.  Which means do the task that you are most dreading first thing in the morning and the rest of the day will feel so much easier.

Another blog that I just can’t get enough of right now is IHeart Organizing.  This blog is a great inspiration for organizing and decorating in one.

How do you stay organized?  I would love to hear what your “frog” is.

Further proof that I am SO thankful that this is my last week.  Here is what I have to carry in and out of the house every morning/afternoon!  (Picture taken w/my cell phone).