Project Organize: The Junk Drawer

As part of my Project Organize Life I recently decided to tackle my “junk drawer”.  We all have them, but when it became difficult to open and close mine I decided it was time to take action.

Here’s a before and after:

I started by emptying the entire contents of the drawer onto the counter top.

I have this drawer organizer that I was not fully utilizing…mostly because once the drawer started to get unorganized I gave-up and just shoved items in the drawer without looking!

Okay-so once everything was on display I broke everything into groups:

1: Paper work that needed to be sorted (I found 2 bills, one wedding invite and a check…yikes!!).

2. Gift cards: Did you know that nearly $8 Billion in gift cards never get used!  I had about $300 just waiting to become part of that $8 Billion.

3. Prenatal Vitamins…umm, I’m not pregnant and most had expired.  Trash.

4. Accessories: Including 10,000 bobby pins…because you never know when a stray hair might need pinning.

I used a binder clip to hold all of the gift cards and put a sticky note on the front to remind me what stores I had gift cards for.  Now when I am getting ready to run errands before I leave I check the list and see if I have any gift cards.

I added a second drawer organizer to keep paperwork/mail that requires an action from me (e.g. bills, wedding invites, thank yous etc).

Here’s the final product:

1. Car keys: I always dump my car keys here otherwise they will be lost.

2. Gum: I actually hardly ever chew gum, but it’s good to have around.

3. Gift cards and extra pair of sunglasses.  I ALWAYS lose my sunglasses and the sun it like kryptonite to my eyes, so extra sunglasses are a must.

4. Band-aids because there is always a blister waiting to happen or just healing when you spend 10 hours on your feet shooting a wedding.

5. Chapstick

6. Cell phone charger

7: Organized location for mail

The before and after one more time because I’m SO happy to have an organized junk drawer!!

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