Fit Friday-Volume I

I made a bold move by putting on my 2012 list of goals that I wanted to lose 30 lbs.  Two months into 2012 I haven’t exactly put a dint in this goal.  So, I’ve decided to start Fit Fridays.  Each week I will post my progress and a little bit about the past week that has helped (or hurt) me meet this goal.  I’m hoping that this public display of insanity commitment will keep me focused and motivated throughout the week.

Despite my better judgement I am posting a BEFORE picture (dear lord-please let this be a before picture of loosing 30 lbs and not a before gaining 30 lbs).  Thank you to my fellow photog Liz for taking these pictures!

I have no idea why I’m holding my stomach like I am pregnant, but just to be clear I am NOT pregnant!

Weight loss this week: -2 lbs

Total Weight loss: -2 lbs

Workout: Run/walk 2 miles twice.  Leg and arm workout twice.  Hoping to get more workouts in next week.

I ate this: Salmon patties from Costco, lots of fruit and Healthy Choice Pasta.

I wanted to eat: OMG…anything covered in chocolate and stuffed with peanut butter.  I’m convinced that this combination is like heroine and I’m an addict.

Do you have a fitness goal that you are trying to reach or suggestions to help me meet mine?  Leave a comment below because I promise I need all of the support, funny insights and virtual high fives to keep me from deleting this post:)


Sarah I think you look great! Just remember it took 9 months to put the weight on! :)

Michelle It is agreed that you look GREAT and make for one hot mama!! You got this… piece of cake, piece of pie… I mean piece of fruit! I have a little over 6 months to get to my goals, so I’ll help ya through your goals 😀

Kari Jeanne Virtual HIGH FIVE from me!!! The tip that hit home for me was when I read about ‘crash workouts’ just like crash dieting – where you go hardcore and then just stop – and how working out this way is actually causing MORE harm than good. So, long story..umm even longer, focus on doing just a little bit more often and don’t get discouraged if you miss a day!

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