Andrew {5 months}

I have been reading fellow photographer, Jenny, give monthly updates on her little girl and every month I told myself I would do the same for Andrew.  Well, finally I am doing it!

This is mostly for me to remember all of the sweet little details of my favorite guy…


  • Eating!  You get VERY excited and start to giggle, squeal and lunge for the bottle.  Dad thinks this is really funny…it makes me a little crazy.
  • Anything you can put in your mouth and usually this is your hands.
  • Doing the naked baby squirm when we change your diaper.  It’s quite funny and you giggle a lot.
  • Nana-she currently watches you two days a week and provides non-stop entertainment…which you LOVE.
  • When I pour water on you while taking a bath.
  • Sleeping with your hands above your head and rubbing your face.  I have to put socks over your hands so you don’t scratch yourself.
  • Giggling, laughing and playing…you are a VERY happy baby and we love it!!


  • Being left alone (or at least when you think you are alone).  If you can’t see mom or dad you have started to get upset.  You also got upset for the first time when Grandpa held you.
  • A wet diaper when riding in the car.  We have had to pull off of I-10 twice to change your diaper on the way back from Tucson.
  • When I have to get the boogies out of your nose.


  • You are almost rolling over from your stomach to your back
  • You have full control of your head…no more bobble head baby!
  • You started eating pureed baby food
  • Multiple trips to Tucson
  • Your first tooth…I think.
  • You now play in the exasaucer

From me:

I can’t believe how much personality you have now.  You are such a HAPPY baby and everyone in the family thinks you are the greatest.  When I am around you I can’t help, but kiss and squeeze your cute little face.  When I am not around you my heart aches to see you.  I can’t wait to see what new things you will be doing each day.

Jenny Bishop You just made my day, Suzanne!! Thanks for the shout out! :) So glad my posts inspired you to post updates on your cutie pie! He is so sweet and such a happy little guy! Can’t wait to read future posts to see how much he’s grown and changed! Can you believe how quickly they grow?!! Thanks so much for reading my blog and always commenting!! :)

Kari Jeanne Oh my goodness. He is just so stinking cute!!! Love the last photo :)

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