A text message at 8pm {can you shoot tomorrow}

A couple of Friday’s ago I received a text message at 8:23pm.  I had settled in for the evening (ummm, yes I’m old) and had actually turned my phone to silent, so I didn’t read the text message until I was going to bed around 10pm.

The message read something like this, “Suzanne, this is Kim.  My second shooter might be sick can you shoot tomorrow?”.

My reaction was this: OMG, OMG, O-M-G.  Where’s my camera? Where are my battery charges?  Have all my cards been downloaded?  What clean clothes do I have to wear?  I better text her back….I hope it’s not too late!

As most photographers know, finding a second shooting gig sometimes feels impossible.  Shooting for an amazing photographer and getting the opportunity to work with their team, at high end venues and with the best of the best wedding coordinators is a very rare opportunity.  An opportunity that came my way via a text message at 8:23pm on a Friday.

I third shot a wedding for Kimberly Jarman who is one of the top wedding and portrait photographers in Arizona.  You can see her blog post here and here of the amazing wedding.

I love shooting weddings and I love being the lead photographer, but assisting brings it’s own unique gratification.  There’s a lot less pressure, you have more time to be creative, and I love being the steady-calming force for the lead photographer.

I highly recommend to other photographers to take time to second shoot even when you feel you might have moved beyond a second shooter role.  It will help you build new relationships within the community and make your own photography even stronger.



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