Friday FAQ: Wedding Albums

Warning: This is a loooong post.  You might need an energy bar or extra shot of coffee to get thru it all.

This week’s Friday FAQ is all about albums.  Every package that I offer includes a flush mount 20 page album printed by Graphi.  Some photographers don’t offer albums with their packages or offer them for an additional charge.  I think 20 years from now your album is going to be one of the few, if not only, tangible things you have from your wedding.  So, everyone should have one!

A little album terminology that we should cover is “Layout”.  A layout is simply the terminology that we use to describe the left AND right page combined since we don’t design each page separately.  So, in a 20 page album there are 10 layouts (every 2 pages counts as 1 layout).  Is your head spinning yet??

Flush mount album…what does that mean.  Well, this means that each album image is printed and then mounted to the page.  The page has a thickness around 1/16 of inch.  It makes for a really thick and sturdy album.

Now that we have the basics down let’s chat about album sizes.  I offer two standard album sizes (8×8 or 10×10) with my packages plus parents albums.  You can always upgrade your album size, but I think these are a good starting point.

The parents albums are exactly the same design as the larger album, just smaller (6×6).  These are GREAT for parents, grandparents or even the bride to stick in their purse and be able to show-off their wedding day.

Okay, so we have covered that everyone gets a flush mount album with 20 pages (10 layouts).  Let’s talk about design and how soon you get your album.  If you keep up with my blog you know that I not only design my own albums, but I also design wedding albums for other photographers.  So, would you believe I’ve been married for 2 years and still don’t have an album of my own wedding!  The reason being I can’t seem to pick the pictures.  I am too attached to EVERY picture.  This is so common for brides and it results in them getting their albums much later.  My solution to this is I pick my favorite images from the day and design the album.  This is merely a starting point for you to get an idea of what your album could look like.  I will post the design on-line.  You can review your album and make any changes that you want.  If you want to swap out different pictures, add pictures, delete pictures that is totally fine, but at least we have the process started.

I also design several additional pages so that you have plenty to choose from.  If you love all of the pages your can upgrade your album for $45/layout.  If you don’t want the additional pages that is totally okay.  All you have to do is decided which pages you don’t want to keep.

Your album design is on-line ready for you to review 4-6 weeks after the wedding.  Once you have approved the design it takes 4-6 weeks to print and be delivered to you.  Typically you have your album in your hands within 2-3 months of your wedding.

Some of the photographers I design for wait for the bride to pick their images for the album.  We typically don’t start the design on these albums until 6-12 months after the wedding because we are waiting on the bride.  You would have already had your album 9 months ago!

Your albums come in these nice white boxes.

Yeah, not to exciting…I know.  I originally thought I would invest in some really nice boxes with my logo all over them.  But I decided to go green.  You see, your album is shipped to me in these white boxes and they actually do a pretty good job of keeping the album safe.  If I re-boxed the albums then I would just have to trash these boxes which I didn’t think was too cool or too green.

This has been a very long Friday FAQ, bonus points if you made it all the way to the end without falling asleep!

Samantha Salch Thank you so much! This helped a ton! :)

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